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These are the words you wish you wrote down [entries|friends|calendar]

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by sb_lj
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44 prescott dr [
3/15 @ 3:03 pm]

couch! [
3/13 @ 3:19 pm]

2/22 @ 4:59 pm]
The Ultimate Guide to Getting and Owning a Dog

Step 1- The thought Process
So you're thinking about getting a human's best companion, first step do you have a breed in mind or you just looking for a lovable buddy?
Look into adopting from your local humane society. People give up animals for lots of reasons, sometimes terrible or unnecessary ones and now they're stuck waiting for their second chance. They've got just a much love to give as any dog and they'll be forever grateful that you gave them a home.
You know you want a certain breed-
Do your breed research! Know ahead of time your potential dog's maxim height and weight it will be! I can't say how many times I've been told my Great Dane puppy was "going to get big" as if I didn't know. Also know if this breed will shed or has hair and is hypoallergenic. Will your dog need to get groomed often and are you willing to spend money on that. Know potential health issues that a certain breed can have and if you one day would need to deal with that. Plan your breed along with your living situation- if you live in an apartment, an active dog that needs a yard like an Australian Shepherd might not be the best option.
Things to factor in- are you willing to spend time with your dog everyday? Any type of dog of any age does have the occasional accident in the house, especially a puppy. One of the biggest reasons dogs are surrendered to the humane society is because they have an accident indoors! Be sure you know that like humans when they gotta go, they gotta go! Working on training can relieve this issue.
Find a Reputable Breeder-
Things to look for are good reviews from other owners, make sure your breeder does not breed more than twice a year- over breeding is not good for anyone and they are hurting their dog while looking to make money. Ask if you can come check out the puppies ahead of time, even better is if you can meet one or both of the puppy's parents which gives you idea of their health and how your puppy will one day look. Also do not be sucked into over paying- unless you are looking into showing your dog (and even then) dog's should not be thousands of dollars.
DO NOT Buy From A Pet Store!
Dogs in pet stores are usually from puppy mills, they are from over breeding and usually have or end up with health issues and once you buy one that leaves room for another poor puppy mill dog to be put in its place! Also they cannot guarantee the breed of the dog you are getting, the dog a lot of the time is not a full blood of the breed like they claim.

Step 2- You Are Getting Your New Puppy or Dog
Plan Ahead. It's best to get some necessary dog items before picking up your pup! Ask what the breeder or animal shelter was feeding the dog- stick with that food at first as to not upset your dog's stomach! A crate for a puppy with a cozy little bed inside is definitely a good idea. It's a great way to start with training, you want your puppy to stay in a safe, secure place when you are not around and they will also begin to find comfort and safety in their crate. Also Since they are small it's best for them to sleep in there and not on your bed so you don't hurt them in the night. But be warned they will cry at night! Don't give into their little chirps, they need to learn, otherwise they'll think they can make you do whatever they want (which they usually can!)Also get some "puppy pads" to help with accidents and start to teach them to use that before moving on to outside. Lastly puppy proof your house! Puppies can be very curious and love to chew on things, keep all wires and anything important to you out of their reach. If as time goes on they seem to still be chewing on items get Bitter Apple Spray from your local pet store and spray it on whatever they're chewing to deter them by the bitter taste. Be warned not to get it on your own fingers, it's a nasty bitter taste to humans too!

Step 3- You Have Your New Best Friend!
When your puppy first arrives home she will be very curious, let her sniff around and explore her new home. Before long she will be tired and need to nap (puppies sleep a lot). Make sure you always have fresh water and food available to her. Feed your puppy or dog based on its size as to make sure not to overfeed. Puppies eat 3 times a day usually and as they get to be an adult you should go to twice. Some dogs as they get older will even pick at one bowl of food all day.

Things to Know
Dog Food- Just because Pedigree and Kibbles N Bits say they're the best things for your dog, doesn't mean they are! They are actually on the lowest tier of dog food brands. There's nothing terribly wrong with feeding your dog these, but there are much healthier alternatives that will give your dog all the nutrients they need. Things to look for are holistic and grain free brands and stay away from ingredients that include "by-product" which brands such as Purina does. Some healthy brands I'd recommend are Wellness and Blue Buffalo which are extremely high grade food. In PetSmart, the food is set up so each aisle is good, better, best. Most people steer away from these high grade foods because they tend to be expensive, just do some research when it comes to ingredients and you'll even find out stores such as Costco and BJ's Wholesale have their own brand of dog food that is actually very healthy at a better price! When you do end up deciding you want to change your pet's food be sure to try out a little of the new food in their old food. As each day goes on portion a little more of the new food in instead of the old as to not upset your dog's sensitive stomach.
Dog Treats- Everyone likes to choose a form of rawhide for their dog, they claim to keep them busy and dogs love them, but be careful when it comes to choosing which one. Rawhides are great when it comes to keeping your dog busy satisfying their urge to chew and helping with their dental health. Compressed rawhide is best because it takes a lot of time and chewing before anything breaks off. Granulated rawhide, the one that looks like a bunch of pieces are stuck together, if fine but dogs must be watched when eating this! Rawhide is actually not meant to be fully consumed! And granulated rawhide breaks apart much easier so a few little pieces digested here and there are alright, the pieces actually soak up like a sponge and expand which is why your dog should not consume a large amount!
Training- I recommend dog training for everyone. Your dog doesn't need to learn any crazy tricks and flips, but just basic training will make everything easier for you and anyone who will ever interact with your dog. As cute as it is when little puppies jump up on your leg to get attention, do you really want a 50 lb or even 100 lb dog doing that? Or a dog with muddy feet? Teach not to jump on people from the start and someone will be forever grateful. Teaching a dog not to pull when on a leash is extremely important and takes a lot of work to train. You don't want your dog to be pulling you down some icy stairs or pulling your arm out of its socket. While harness are great for small dogs so there won't be a lot of tugging on their neck, a regular harness on any dog actually promotes pulling! Wouldn't you feel like you could pull something better if it was over your shoulders? An easy way to help with pulling is an Easy Walk harness. The harness actually connects in front of the dogs chest so if they were to pull one way they are then stopped and pulled almost so they are turned.

Step 4- Feel Good about Your New Best Friend!
Congratulations you just gave a dog a home and there is no better feeling! Spend time with your new furry friend, show them off and give them the unconditional love they will always give you!

9/17 @ 5:34 pm]
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4/20 @ 7:50 pm]
North Face Denali Hooded Jacket Pink/Grey S

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2/2 @ 10:46 pm]
doc martens I wantttt


Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha black leather cross-body bag

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Please Help me find.. [
2/1 @ 5:31 pm]
Finally getting around to asking all these questions..

What is this font?Collapse )

Who makes these shoes?Collapse )

Where can I find tights with little jewels on them?Collapse )

this shirt?Collapse )

these bags.. I think they may be a huge brand so ones very similarCollapse )

6/15 @ 7:35 pm]
Talk to me about something interesting.
Make me laugh.
I won't trust you but I'll want to.

6/7 @ 2:06 pm]
People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true sould mate is a mirror, the person that shows you everything that is holding you back, the person that brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.

5/2 @ 9:47 pm]
find quote from family guy
" not love like adults with the no pants dance, you give my life meaning and maybe that's all someone needs"

1/11 @ 7:18 pm]
oh man, so I was watching the Charm School reunion online, ya know where sharon osborne takes a bunch of crazy hoes and turns them right? well tries?

well my favorite crazy slut megan, is up there whoring it up in a tiny white bikini and shes super drunk, now they don't say she's drunk but come on.
well she's she talking and blah blah and pissing everyone off, well to piss sharon off she says something mean about ozzie and sharon coughs and takes a sip of her wine and throws that shit at megan!

damn it was hilarious

year recap maybe? [
1/8 @ 9:34 pm]
Hey 2008, you were better than 2007. keep it going

i have a terrible memory, i had to look up this shit

-I turned 19, I'm gonna guess my birthday sucked like it usually does
-Karen moved in and I bought her balloons as house warming haha
-2nd semester at UML, not any easier than the first. Had Modern World~ with Karen :D

-Hung out with the guys all the time and had lots of fun

-Uh Karen turned 19 and I bought her a giant cookie!
-We went to Montauk in a day
-I got a 2nd tattoo

-realized more and more my relationship sucked
-Hey I got dumped. It sucked but so did this for the last 6 months

-I got mono, went to the hospital. Didn't find out it was mono till a month or two later from a blood -test at the Doctor's
-Starting dating Andrew
-School ended and everyone left :(

-Nick constantly bothers me and makes me feel bad
-I went to six flags for the first time and it forever changed my life
-started my quest to not cut my hair at all, it's going good so far
-starting longboarding
-I got a second job... five days later i quit that job lol

-uh 4th of July was cool
-I got blonde hair
-Middlesex didn't take my english classes and i was pretty pissed
-I also took my placement test saying I was going to do Graphic Design
-i love warped tour no matter what

-Changed my major to travel service management
-Started a new BC.. it's pretty awesome
-Watched Hot Rod, now I love that movie
-Marshfield fair was awesome. Demolition Derby and cute little animals!

-Everyone came back and it was exciting
-English class is totally gay. for the 3rd time
-I got a curfew and my cell phone shut off. it was SUPER LAME

-A couple of days sucked, had a breakdown but I like Halloween
-Went to Long Island with Karen
-Jake got run over by a truck, but had no serious injuries and was home the next day which was amazing

-Thanksgiving was good.. yeah
-Alyssar gets sick :(
-asslee simpson had pete wentz's baby... ew... hahah

-I like my presents. got scrubs on dvd and watched the whole 7th season
-i dyed my hair a lot
-I went to Florida with Andrew and it was warm and great
-and new years was the best so far and didn't suck

11/27 @ 10:40 pm]
i'm watching the notebook, i saw it once on a tiny portable dvd player at someone's house

but i forget that it's actually a good very very sad movie


10/26 @ 6:32 pm]
man i just wanna watch scary movies.

nothing gets me more pumped for halloween

i love halloweennn! :D

oh and eat candy.. but i guess i do that 365 days a year

joyas volardores [
9/23 @ 12:33 pm]
"So much held in a heart in a lifetime. so much held in a heart in a day, an hour, a moment. We are utterly open with no one, in the end-not mother and father, not wife or husband, not lover, not child, not friend. We open windows to each other but we live alone in the house of a heart. Perhaps we must. Perhaps we could not bear to be so naked, for fear of constantly harrowed heart. When young we think there will come one person who will savor and sustain us always; when we are older we know this is a dream of a child, that all hearts finally are bruised and scarred, scored ad torn, repaired by time and will, patched by force of character, yet fragile and rickety forevermore, no matter how ferocious the defense and how many bricks you bring to the wall. You can brick up your heart as stout and tight and hard and cold and impregnable as you possible can and down it comes in an instant, felled by a woman's second glance, a child's apple breath, the shatter of glass in the road, the words I have something to tell you, a cat with a broken spine dragging itself into the forrest to die, the brush of your mother's papery hand in the thicket of you hair, the memory of your father's voice early in the morning echoing from the kitchen where he is making pancakes for his children."

damn [
9/23 @ 12:27 pm]
i need to stop skipping my sales principles class! ahh

and getting distracted trying to type my homework

this is just very interesting [
9/10 @ 6:39 pm]
"One day you fall for this boy and he touches you with his fingers and he burns holes in your skin with his mouth, and it hurts when you look at him, and it hurts when you don't, and it feels like someone's cut you open with a jagged piece of glass.

And then you realize you've always felt that way." - The Tracy Fragments

random [
8/24 @ 11:43 pm]
Hot Rod is actually a funny movie.

if you enjoy stupid movies like me :)

oh man i also just bought like 5 more bathing suit pieces that don't quite match and that's mad exciting.

one more week until everyone comes back into my lifeee! i won't be able to sleep next sunday i bet. if i keep thinking of it, i won't be able to sleep right now.

so saturday andrew met me at the candy house when i was leaving and followed me home. he starts beeping at me behind me to be funny and there's always a cop right next to market basket, but obviously he doesn't notice and we drive right by. well i'll put it as how my mom said it "so i see kim's car, then andrew's car, then a cop car. um what's going on?" well the cop followed us all the way into my drive way. i had a feeling that he could follow us, but didn't see him until then nor thought he'd drive up my driveway. he just asked if everything was alright and andrew's like yeah i'm just visiting my girlfriend and was playing a joke on her (or whatever) and he's like "oh okay.. well don't do that cause you could get written up."
just realizing that whole situation was hilarious and i couldn't get over it

also this weekend i went to the marshfield fair. demolish derbys are actually pretty sweet for one. and i got to ride 2 sweet rides and saw a bunch of cows, sheepz, horses, piggies, chickens and bunnies! and got to hold a cute lil bunny :) i was just wicked excited for the cute farm animals

for karen [
7/17 @ 9:56 pm]
recommended hair straighteners!


we bring ourselves down and build ourselves up with dissapointments [
7/17 @ 9:00 pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so i went to middlesex today to have my fall classes picked..

the lady pretty much picked them for me and wrote them down. for a major i signed up for graphic design just cause i liked doing it in high school and took two classes on it.. also i thought it'd be easy.

well first off middlesex doesn't accept transfer credits below a C. so even though i fucking passed english 1 & 2 with a D+, they're making me take an english class again. Alright now everyone says you can only blame yourself for doing bad and i understand that but english? i'm awesome at it and thats it. i got the shit end of the stick first semester with my cunt of a teacher. seriously any other teacher i honestly believed i would have gotten a B at the least. Second semester i thought it was too easy at first then i just didn't do the most important essay and didn't do that well on some others so that i fucked myself over.

also most graphic design classes are on the Bedford campus, not lowell. i'm like are you serious? i didn't pick the lowell campus to have to go to fucking Bedford. I kinda wish they'd let you know that before hand. I mean Beford's not too far away but that's just not something i want to deal with.

i have to take a math class of course. but at least they put me in a credited class. math terrifies me like a scary monster. lame right?

and then actual art classes. she said one is like 3 hours (wtf?) one is drawing and the other is art appreciation.
once i heard those words i realized i don't like art. i suck at drawing shit and was never one of those artsy kids that could sit and draw still life shit for hours. and that's really the last thing i want to do.

the lady i work with said i should do a trade. well i've looked into lincoln tech before as massage therapy cause that's the only thing i found sort of interesting. but that held me back with the classes starting at 8 in the morning (thats how unmotivated i am) and this one she told me is in nashoba tech, which is the high school. so it's pretty much doing it with the high school kids so its actually 5 days a week 7:45 to 2:30
i read that and was like fuck that. i didn't do that shit for 12 years to keep doing it now.

so in all honesty i have NO idea what i want to do. and that pisses me off the most. i don't want to take bullshit classes that teach me nothing. i don't want to go to middlesex and take long art classes and pretty much take an english class just for fun only to transfer back to uml 2nd semester and have none of that count. and i really really don't want to take a math class. like i am so bad at math, i will find any way to avoid it completely.

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